Staff and Blogs

Staff Blogs

Many staff members are choosing to keep students and parents up to date through Google classroom and other tools. Please check with home room teacher to ensure you are up to date on day to day class activities. There are links to some blogs below.


Janet Cameron

Vice Principals

Michelle Trowsdale (Acting Vice Principal) 
Thomas Waugh

Administrative Assistants

Emily Gorman
Marianne Weatherbie

Grade 3

3A - Stephanie Murnaghan
3B - Jill Nicholson
3C - Sarah MacDonald (Staff Blogs)
3D - Marcy Lumsden
3F - Mary Moore Clark
3G - Jennifer Taylor-Dormaar
3H - Marin Jay

Grade 4

4A - Jessica Fuller
4B - Nicole Costello-Scott
4C - Carolyn Holmes
4D - Angela MacLean
4F - Katie Gallant
4G - Jennie Barnes

Grade 5

5A - Declan Cullinan
5B - Cindy Read
5C - Jordan Miller
5D - Karla Matheson
5E - Holly Betts
5F - Jennifer MacDonald
5G - Mary Ellen Tonita (Staff Blogs)

Grade 6

6A - Elizabeth MacPherson
6B - Ryan Aylward
6C - Dawn Ward
6D - Jenna Connolly
5/6Y - Susan Fitzpatrick
6F - Lydia MacDougall
6G - Megan Stubbs-Smith
6H - Carrie Collicut / Michelle Trowsdale

Educational Assistants

Paige Butler
Patricia Callaghan
Eugena Cani
Tyler Davies
Carolyn Wicki-Doucette
Janice Kelly
Lisa McIver
Kaylee Sanders
Haley Shea
Reina Talen
Yvonne Rose
Sonya McCaughey
Jess Leung
Karly Snell
Rosanne MacKenzie
Ashley Higgins
Sally Belliveau
Melissa Murnaghan


Lynn Full (Staff Blog)

Youth Worker

Lori Bell

Core French

Brad Deighan
Renee Harper


Sonya Wadden Hughes
Natalie Hardy

Physical Education

Jackie Sanderson (Staff Blog)
Ashley Murnaghan (Staff Blog)

School Counsellors

Dylan Taylor
Denise Doyle
Darlene Heilman


Caleigh Oehlke (French)
Josie Gass (English)
Sarah Teppler (English)
Amanda Hickox

Math Reach Back

Natalie Fraser


Jennifer Holdway
Suzanne MacDonald


Pamela Kennedy

Building Staff

David George
Shannon Walker
Paul Trainor
Mark Munn
Paul Costain

COVID Support

Breea O'Hanley

Speech Language Pathologist

Darla Canfield

Occupational Therapist (OT)

Rae Fitzpatrick