Occupational Therapy (OT) Program

Kindergarten to Grade 6

Hi everyone!  I would like to introduce myself as the OT with the School Therapy, Occupational Therapy (OT) Program. My name is Rae Fitzpatrick and I am the OT for the Charlottetown Rural Family of Schools. I am very much looking forward to working at your child’s school for the 2021-2022 school year. I will be at Stratford Elementary every day 5 of the school cycle.

Occupational Therapists (OTs) work with children of all ages and know a lot about children’s development in the areas of:

  • Fine motor and visual motor skills (e.g., support: printing, drawing, cutting, keyboarding, completing fasteners, tying shoelaces, using a lock, etc.).
  • Gross motor skills (e.g., support: moving safely within the school, participating in Phys Ed, recess, etc.).
  • Sensory processing (e.g., being comfortable with sounds, lightening, smells, texture/touch, and movement, etc. that we encounter during our day).
  • Environmental set-up (e.g., ensuring the environment works to meet everyone’s needs from seating to wheelchair accessibility, etc.).

The focus of the School Therapy OT program is to work together with classroom teachers, school staff and parents /guardians to support children’s motor and sensory development in order to assist children in: achieving their learning goals; successfully participating in school and most importantly feeling good about themselves and school! To do this, I will be spending time in: classrooms, small group settings, Phys Ed, music and library classes as well as on the playground. Throughout the day, I will be offering guidance, suggestions and tips.

Please feel free to contact me or the school if you have any questions about the School Therapy OT Program. I can be contacted at the school on day 5 at school or at refitzpatrick@ihis.org or 902-213-3248. I look forward to a wonderful school year working together with school staff, students and you as parents/guardians!

Rae Fitzpatrick OT Reg.(PEI)

Occupational Therapist, School Therapy OT Program